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01 June 2010


That's a stunningly important concept Paul: the mindset change from "the economy is bad and it's causing my business to do badly" to "my business needs to change to fit the economy". And the others too.

I believe the issue is exacerbated by a type of "fairness" thinking we all have: if we didn't cause a problem, we don't believe we should have to fix it.

I see it all the time with my kids - if one made a mess there's no way the other will tidy it, even if it would be incredibly simple to do so.

And with our businesses - we had a great business, growing, making money. We didn't screw up the economy - so we're loathe to change our "successful" business. We didn't cause the problem - why should we have to change to fix it.

And so our business dies...


Thanks Ian for your comment and support with the tweet.

I hadn't thought on the fairness issue but I can understand the reasoning.

Unfortunately the world isn't fair.

And pretending it is just makes it meaner and tougher.

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