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25 November 2010


Hi Paul. Excellent breakdown of the program. You should know, I've recently been adding a very explanatory post toward the end of the program that precisely shows where each step of the SWS goes in an ad or sales message. That would be the "step 18" you mentioned. (I post it in the Student Lounge.)

Your point about opening paragraphs is good, too -- though, with all the swipe-file ads included, it's not such a stretch for the student to just look at each starting paragraph and make your own list of "how Carlton did it". (We do lots of "tough love" exercises, as you know, because figuring it out as you go really is the best way to learn.) Still, I may go further on this in future programs.

Finally, breaking down the swipe-file ads is something I did with 5 of those ads in the "License To Steal" workshop (though not strictly according to the 17 steps of the SWS). Again, I believe that every student, at the end of the program, should be able to easily identify each step within an ad (especially with the "Step 18" outline I'm now posting).

Thanks so much for this thoughtful and thorough analysis. It's very, very good.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

Thanks for your comment John. It's great to have attracted your attention.

I tried to be one of the first to buy the Simple Writing System in March 2010 when you were offering "Licence To Steal" as a fast action bonus. I missed out so it's one of the products of yours I don't (yet) have.

Good luck with the next launch of the Simple Writing System -I'm sure it will attract another group of copywriting winners.

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