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14 February 2011


I've just read an email from Cindy about the launch of her niche marketing coaching course.

Cindy is holding a webinar on February 17th - highly recommended.

Here is the promotional email.

SUBJECT: Discover How to Create a Clear Path to Your Ideal Clients by Avoiding the 10 Biggest Strategic Marketing Mistakes

How would you like to have your ideal clients find you vs. having to chase after them? And imagine if they came to you
already convinced that you’re the perfect person to help them. And what if you could generate a steady flow of referrals
and have strategic alliance partners clamoring to partner with you and promote you?

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s entirely possible, and even probable, when you discover how to create your clear path to ideal clients that my
friend and colleague, Cindy Schulson, is going to share on an upcoming f.ree webinar.

"Create Your Clear Path to Ideal Clients By Avoiding the 10 Biggest Strategic Marketing Mistakes Made by Solo Professionals”

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1pm PST (4pm EST)

Learn more and register here:


On this complimentary webinar, Cindy is going to provide you with a foolproof formula that includes:

- One simple change that will completely change how you market yourself.

- How to quickly and easily add hundreds of prospects to your list.

- The best way to outshine the competition.

- How to attract a steady flow of referrals and strategic alliance partners who are clamoring to work with you.

- The easiest way to know which programs, products and services to create and sell

I know Cindy and her calls are always very content rich and chock full of valuable information. So be sure to bring a pen
and paper to take lots of notes!

I’ll see you on the call!


P.S. Even if you can't make the LIVE webinar, make sure to sign-up so that we can send you the recorded version the very next day.


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