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02 August 2011



I almost never go to free marketing events and trainings. If I do it is with the understanding that my number 1 goal is networking.

I do go to paid trainings though. But I know exactly what I'm getting way ahead of time. And yes many of the presenters may have alterior motives/selling something, I'm still of the belief that if I get one good idea to improve my business than the whole event is worth it.

The big problem that I have is attending events live or online where I'm convinced that I'm going to learn something new about marketing my business, online marketing, or fill in the blank and then the speaker/presenter does Not deliver. This has happened to me numerous times with advance training sessions and free online trainings.

I offer a Free monthly training call on my website. The thing is I'm not hyping these calls into some new marketing bullet which turns out to be something with a basic understanding of direct response marketing could not have found out on their own.

Ted Peterson

Thanks Ted for your comment.

Return on time is a key issue in deciding to go to any marketing training.

I guess the question is

"Will I learn stuff that is relevant to me and that has the potential to make a significant difference to my business?"

And if the answer is Yes

"Can I and will I apply what I've learnt?"

It sounds like you agree with me that a short time with an experienced business adviser focused on your business is often much better than many hours of general training.

Great content! I believe so that marketing seminars are important specially if you are new in business, they provide you with information that could help your business grow. It's also best if you have a business coach to support on your business.

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