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Welcome to The Business Coaching Blog.

It is written by Your Profit Coach, Paul Simister BA FCA MBA.

I own a small business coaching company in the UK.

If you want to narrow it down I am actually based in Birmingham.

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs who want their business to grow and become more profitable.

I offer one-to-one business coaching and I am working on introducing a group coaching programme.

My purpose in writing this blog is to bring to the attention of business owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers information and business advice that could make a big difference to their business.

While I am clearly hoping to promote my own services in the local area (and the UK generally) I have also decided to promote other business coaching solutions that can be used elsewhere in the world.

You will see from the blog that I am strongly influenced by particular great gurus - Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber & The E Myth, Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Marketing.

But I am also continually looking for new gurus as online marketing becomes of increasing importance starting with Rich Schefren.

My company is:

Planning & Control Solutions Ltd
0121 554 4057

Registered in England No 3897173
Registered office, 17 Beachburn Way, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 2AU


cruises, safaris and Italy - shame i can't combine all four and my dog, using a combination of finance, strategy and marketing in a combination called profit coaching i help small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and increase their profits. outside work my interests include Manchester United